A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

ABSURD ELEVATOR SIMULATOR is a game made for the 2016 Global Game Jam (http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/absurd-elevato...)

Rethink your everyday actions with this dazzling elevator sim! Who will board next? Where will they want to go? As the absurd elevator operator, you decide! Choose a combination of 3 buttons and tell your passengers to enjoy the ride.

A game by the absurd elevator operators:
Tonia Beglari @yaytonia
Peter Lu @_kitchen
Elaine Gomez @sailorchzbrger
Annamaria Andrea Vitali @AndryCinnamon

Elevator 3D model: Arjun Prakash

Some of the characters by Sam Lyon http://jellygummies.tumblr.com/
Music and some of the pictures are taken from internet.
Contact us if you find any issues or copyright concerns.

Selected for
- LA Zine Fest 2016 under Playdate Game Show http://playdategameshow.com/

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tagsartgame, Cyberpunk, Experimental, First-Person, ggj16, Surreal, weird


Absurd Elevator Simulator_MAC OSX.zip 65 MB
Absurd Elevator Simulator_WIN.zip 63 MB

Install instructions


***have keyboard stickers ready****

Before start playing you need to look at the "ABSURD ELEVATOR SIMULATOR_INSTRUCTION KIT" folder to set up the keyboard as shown in the picture "keyboard setup.jpg":

1- Print elevator keys ("keyboard_symbol_setting.pdf")

2- Place each symbols on the corresponding key:

- "V" = smokey bear
- "B" = saturn
- "N" = kiss emoticon
- "M" = handshake
- "F" = facebook icon
- "G" = banana peel
- "H" = cat
- "J" = tea cup
- "K" = beer
- "R" = lemon
- "T" = coffe bug
- "Y" = fruit bool
- "U" = donut
- "I" = cigarette

3- Start playing!


1. Somewhat pay attention to what the characters say. They are kinda ridiculous.

2. Based on the conversation, make a combination of 3 floors that the character may want to go to. So, press 3 of your personalized symbols keys, one after the other.
(Order doesn't matter!)

4. Enjoy!!!